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Fascia Boards Installation and Repair Service

If there is one important aspect of home repair that most homeowners overlook, it is fascia. Fascia is the lowest portion of the roofing system and protects it, in the same way that your body's muscle fascia protects your main organs. Just like fascia in the body acts as a protective cushion, fascia in a house serves to protect and keep everything in place in your home. So if you are wondering what this longboard is framing while you look at photos of homes, you are seeing those longboards which are called fascias.


Basically, the purpose of fascia boards is to hold the roofing materials in place, cover edges of rafters, or form a neat line over the eaves trough. Fascia boards should be made of wood, extruded aluminum, copper, or vinyl. They are usually much narrower than the roofing material. But in some cases you can use a fascia board that is wider than necessary to make longer runs around angles.

Fascia, soffits and gutters are all part of the architectural design of a typical building. Fascia and soffits cover the internal and external faces of pitched roofs, while gutters protect walls and other vertical surfaces. Materials used to make fascia, soffits and gutters include timber, aluminum and plastic. The choice of material will depend on the look you want to achieve for your property as well as practical considerations about their long-term maintenance.

Fascia gutter prices can vary greatly depending on your specific building. At Blue Gutters we assess each project individually. If there are repairs that need to be made to your fascia or tile roof before we install gutters, there will be extra cost. Once we have more details on the specifics of your property, we can provide you with a detailed price analysis and estimate. With lots of experience in the gutter installation and repair industry, you can count on us to design a custom fascia system that works for you - every time!  

When you are in need of reliable and affordable Blue Gutters Service, you have found the perfect place. At our services center, we have a team that is highly trained and well versed with all kinds of fascia boards’ problems. We can handle repair jobs, guarantee replacement, and even make suggestions to avoid a recurrence. Are you experiencing some difficulty with the installation of your fascias? Is your roof starting to leak and you cannot understand why? Stop worrying and call our experts! 


All guttering and facade repairs must meet the roof details provided by the manufacturer. The correct installation of a new fascia is vital for resolving problems associated with pipe blockages. The fascia needs to be designed together with the guttering to ensure that the soffit is of an appropriate material to support the weight required and that any changes you make do not cause problems further down the line, e.g. insufficient ventilation. For example, if your roof has overhanging eaves, then your fascia should be designed to shade those areas where water would pool, such as along dormer windows or at guttering ends.

Blue Gutters provides fast, reliable and affordable aluminum and wooden fascia installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services in Florida, Texas and Louisiana. We are fully licensed professionals that have been installing building products for over 20 years.

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